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>>> someone opens fire on a house in east oakland, hitting a little girl as she sleeps. we will tell how she's doing. >> putting the pieces together, police solved part of last month's killing spree, but are trying to figure out how two other women ended up dead. >>> good morning, everyone. let's go straight to weather and jennifer king of the hill hill. >> speaking of weather, we broke a lot of records yesterday. some of us will see a cool down, but in the east bay that's not going to happen. 96 degrees at noon and 96 in livermore and 95 in concord and 90 in fremont. the forecast highs, we will see a sea breeze, but inland it's going to be another hot day. 102 in fairfield and 105 in livermore and 102 in concord. we should see a cool down and thankfully it is coming sooner rather than later. i couldn't turn down the heat too much. >> it would be a good day to spare the air, but you don't want to ride your bike in the heat. >> we want to find alternate transportation, but lower the activity because of the air quality. we will focus on the people who are stuck. you have a va
is moving in. what we found in oakland tonight. >>> what weigh 4 tons is bright green and bringing attention to the bayer area -- bay area. >>> saved from homelessness, what it took to find a place just right. >>> their family was one of the first to come forward after the explosion in san bruno asking for help finding their loved ones. >> if anybody has any information, please contact channel 5. this is a stressful situation as i'm sure it is for many families. >> tonight, they announced passing of la have on greg -- and their death has not been confirmed but remains were found in the home. the coroner says it could be weeks before those remains are identified. these three deaths bring the death toll now to seven. >>> a vigil tonight for the mother and daughter killed in the san bruno explosion. people gathered at the church to remember jack lynn greg and they are 13-year-old daughter. the 8th greater was thstudent body president. there will be a funeral mass at the church tomorrow morning at 11:00. >>> san francisco night spot hosting a benefit tonight to help victims of the disaster. they
on the beat in the city of oakland. coming up, we will be talking about a new twist on the old measure y. >> good morning. it's 4:30 on monday, september 13th. thank you for waking up with us. let's get right to rob with an early look at the forecast. good morning, rob. >> good morning, scott. we have a good start at 59 degrees and patchy low clouds and a little bit of a sea breeze and a couple of things we will be watching and areas of mist along the coast and out by berkeley and oakland. temperatures should be climbing comfortably in the mid- to upper 70s towards the trivalley. 50s across the board and lunchtime should see 70s and a pleasant day, but mild by september standards as we head towards the middle part of the week. out towards livermore, warming up as we approach the weekend. >> thank you. building up in the east bay already. >> there is already one trouble spot. look at 880 past the coliseum. the headlights just as they come back high street. you can see the bright lights and that's where they have construction until 5:00 a.m. the northbound side moving smoothly and that is
over this area. we will be there as well. >> it was a violent night in oakland with a rash of shootings. they all happened right about the same time just after 10:00 last night. now a man was shot at foothill boulevard and scwond avenue. a woman was shot on 79th avenue and holly street and a man and a woman were shot at 36th street and west street. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez joins us now from oakland with more on all this violence, jade. >> reporter: good morning. investigations are not unusual in oakland but last night the calls began rolling in. three shootings all within an hour as you minced. the first happened at foothill boulevard and 62nd avenue where a man was shot. someone shot the man in the back. let's take a look at that video right there. while officers were helping that victim someone drove up to them and reported another shooting on 79th avenue and holly streets. officers found a woman there. her finger had been shot off. paramedics rushed her to highland hospital. then decision patchers sent officers on their third shooting of the night. two victims were foun
this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 bad news for the city of oakland as it burns that clorox is relocating more than 500 employees to a new facility in a different city. as anchorman shows us this is good news for the city pleasanton. >> this old washington mutual complex work clark's plans to house its new research and development operations and in the process relocate more than 500 employees from oakland. >> about 500 jobs see the need more overtime is really good for pleasanton. it's bad for oakland is good for pleasanton which is in a handful of bay area businesses relocate over the past three months. >> seeing medium-size companies in the neighborhood of 200 employees to about 500 employees, companies relocating from other parts of the bay area. san francisco in silicon valley with the upgrade infrastructure here meaning or adjacent highway is the 68580 primarily we have one bart station nearby another one coming on line in the early 2011 a family of class a office space. the credit union is moving to this road location to pleasanton official say initially it
with the convenience of using one card. in oakland gave kron 4 news. >> as kron 4 broke the story a major flaw in muni's new high- tech clipper card transkei's commuters found a way to open the gates just by waving their hands in front of the consul there. the people are going through the tonight kron 47 roberts tells us how the transit authority is responding to the issue and the other changes directly related to the flaw could be coming. it's the story of see only on kron 4. >>last thursday kron4 showed you a major exploitable flaw in muni's 30 million dollar clipper gate system. it is a flaw that allows anyone to enter muni's pay area with nothing more than a wave of their hand, no card required. >> they all do it, they all do it. >> this glitch was first thought to be a problem only at civic center station. >> i did see it on t.v, so i reached around like i am coming from here. >> but at church street, i found the same thing, fair gates that open by simply passing your hand over the motion sensors. this is a system wide problem that muni officials knew about, but still allowed the gates to be put
. >> the election is in six weeks but today hundreds have gathered in downtown oakland to send a message to politicians. >> a group whose goal it is to help those less fortunate took the services to those people in need. we will show you where the noon news is moments away. >> completed bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu -- [ inaudible ] >> -- at noon. >> good afternoon, we begin this noontime with the accidental shooting of a police officer during a morning training exercise. it happened around 9:30 at the shooting range in cass to valley. you are looking at images taken from news chopper 2, the victim was a federal officer from camp parks in dublin. there are new details about how badly he was injured but reports say they are not life- threatening. he was airlifted to the medical center. >>> it has now been a record 91 days without a state budget and there is no word on when the so- called big 5 will resume negotiations. talks were cancelled yesterday after a dispute over union pensions. the governor is demanding pension reforms in exchange for his signature on a bud
in oakland with your today in the east bay forecast. 63 degrees and southwest wind at 5 miles per hour and patchy fog in a few spots. not so much in san jose, but across the golden gate bridge and around the north bay. let's show you what's going on and what's left of the light rain. now well off to the east. behind it, we are stuck with the mild temperatures around the trivalley. dublin and san ramon 82 degrees. as we move to the north, inland east bay should climb into the low 70s. concord and pleasant hill. the first half of the week is looking mild. as we roll into the start of fall wednesday, look at the weekend. temperatures climb up. 80s to near 90, but the story this morning is some of that patchy fog. >> definitely, rob. we will have folks look out for that and as far as the view goes, no fog or low clouds on the top of this 13th floor. 880 looking smooth and overnight we had construction over there on this section of the east bay. right now light volume and the construction looks like it picked up. here coming over towards the castro valley where you see the yellow, speeds be
to 68 in oakland. the wind looks more like september. warming up. a full look at the forecast coming your way in a few minutes. >>> this morning four people are recovering after a chain reaction crash in oakland. a dump truck driver is blaming bad brakes for losing control on an exit ramp from 580 last evening. when it was all over 13 vehicles had been damaged. oakland police say in all four people were taken to the hospital, but did not suffer life threatening injuries. the truck driver told the chp his brakes had fail. >>> this morning the man found living inside a house with the bodies of his wife and another women is free on bail. police found explosive materials in his vallejo home along with the bodies. yesterday a judge lowered rittenhouse's bail from $2 million to $25,000. police are still looking at any possible connection between rittenhouse and efren valdemoro. chp officers killed valdemoro last week. they say he was behind the east bay killing spree. police think valdemoro killed his girlfriend, a hercules man, that man's son is still missing and could be dead. police are
. >>> all right. thank you, sal. we are following developing news from oakland where firefighters are on the scene of an early morning apartment fire. the building is on 60th [ audio problems ] ktvu is standing by with more information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. there's still ladder company and two engines here on the scene of 60th and mlk. you see a lot of debris out front here. fire crews are throwing things out of the window. they're in the middle of the overhaul. an arson investigator has been been here. this started around 3:00 a.m. this morning. crews arrived here and immediately tried to attack the fire. when they got here they were faced with huge flames. witnesses reported hearing an explosion and then seeing huge flames from the second story window. captain says they had to bust down the front door to enter the building. then hey ran upstairs. they got this fire under control relatively quickly. and nobody was hurt. a witness told us what she saw. >> i just saw flames shooting through the roof and out the windows and the glass busting out. after i cal
rain and temperatures sitting in the '50s around say. .ñ59 throuh oakland, north bay clear skies making for some cooler jose more cloud cover.l5ñ ccj;ñn jose 57 for livermore. by 10:00 a.m. keeping it in the '50s and '60s. we will see some '70s move in and sit there into the afternoon. no 90's or 80's. we will stickxé÷ around into the '. back down to '60s by 8:00 p.m. los '70s for center rosaycñ, roa parks, in the peninsulaÑ-?u keeg it in the high 60s los '70s. east bay in the '60s as well make a about of the '50s today. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsú no delays off the waldo grade or across a span. a much better start this morning. 580 light traffic westbound no back up like we had yesterday in early morning hours. >> oakland firefighters investigating one alarm fire that broke out this morning. it is the second time in 24 hours that it broke out at the same apartment complex. it was reported by 3:00 a.m. on martin luther king way. yesterday afternoon there was a fire at the same address nobody injured in either incident. will tran on the scene. >> it is now day seven
the border is in an oakland court. >>> i'm bob redell, the next time you belly up to a bar in san francisco you might need to bring a little extra change. i'll explain coming up in a live report. >>> and a live look at that bay bridge as traffic streams into the city. folks getting off of that labor day holiday. i'm following an accident at a major interchange showing you how over that holiday traffic is for this morning's commute. >>> time is now 6:00. it is a back to work tuesday this week after many of us enjoyed a long labor day weekend. thank you very much for waking up with us, i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm garvin thomas. ria has a quick look at the forecast. >> things will be cooling down today. right now, mid 50s. but there is some drizzle ahead in the forecast. i'll have all the details coming up in a bit. >>> the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer is set to appear in an alameda superior court today. christie smith is like in oakland with what's ahead in court for andrew barrientos. good morning. >> reporter: he is expected to answer to the ten felony charges against him i
,000 parolees head to oakland every year but a plan to help them is being rejected by the community. we will show you why. >> i didn't think he was going take make it off the operating table. >> police officer nearly killed on the job. how she first heard about it and how her life has been ever since. good evening. i'm ken batista. >> i'm dana king. authorities and volunteers will be back out tomorrow morning searching a landfill for signs of fred frederick salas. he hasn't been seen his his father was found beaten to death a week ago. today authorities said the keller canyon landfill. they are focusing on an acre of trash using eyes, and a dog and equipment. they picked that because it gets trash from the north shore business park in hercul es. police found a car there owned by one of the two women found dead in vallejo. it's parts of a murder spree that ended with five dead, one missing one man left to answer questions. that man, charles rittenhouse found living in the home with the body of one woman inside and the body of another in the backyard. he was arrested for possession of
misunderstanding on the streets of oakland it remains to be seen. >> and areas officer todd young remains in serious condition at highland hospital in oakland or he's been since he was shot august 27th. the american red cross has seen a 50% increase in blood donations since the shooting. for the day and a row the search continues for a missing hercules man. investigators are carefully coming for any special landfill off looking for clues that could lead them to frederick's solace. that man has been missing since the body of this father ricardo sales was fat and hercules hall or the week ago. they believe read cargo was bludgeoned to death by efren valdemoro call me irresponsible for as many as four deaths. he was killed by a chp officers during a high-speed chase last week. >> are just moments ago i talked to her to leave police department and they say the search is over with for today. they have found no clothes and now they think they could even be out here to possibly friday there looking for massive landfill which is over in the east hills here in pittsburgh and they're going through
straight in lakeshore these of the two locations for oakland police say two women were robbed and sexually assaulted sunday evening on the way home. one victim just got out of the car when she is attacked. oakland police say both crimes happen within hours. investigators believe the san suspect might be responsible for the jews have been incidences. there just a few blocks in between the locations both neighborhoods predominantly have apartment buildings and the looks security is obviously concern appeared as most of these areas have secured doors. oakland police said they have stepped up patrols in the area and investigators are canvassing the area in search of the suspect. in oakland kron 4 news. >> date kron 4 spoke to people around lake merritt and their reaction to the assaults. >> happens every day and at lunch time is just the same. >> i think it's a problem now that we don't have as much police force you're going have these problems. >> it's very scary to think as a female i can walk around the street and be safe. >> it makes you feel unsafe a mix you watch your back and look aroun
>>> a warning in oakland after two women were robbed. what police say you can do to keep yourself safe. >> we know where pg&e's most dangerous pipelines are rung. we investigate this tuesday, september 21st, today in the bay. >> good morning, everyone. scott is off this morning. 4:30. we start with a look at the forecast. we have a look at that. good morning, rob. >> starting off in the east bay, right now at 61 and not much wind, but later on we will see a stronger sea breeze. temperatures are mild and you can see a sign of a stronger sea breeze. southwest winds at 15 and that is stronger than 24 hours ago. the temperatures are going to be dropping down. highs inland mainly 60s and 70s and starting friday, a different weather pattern. we will see 90s towards the weekend. around the east bay. dublin and pleasanton, some of the warmer spots to livermore and 76 for a high. richmond is 68 and mo raga near st. marys and mid 70s around pitsburg. the seven-day forecast showing the last full day of summer which is today will be mild. cooling tomorrow and heating up towards the weekend. t
. >>> new this morning, the first of its kind in the bay area car dealner oakland will open its unusual show room today. the nearly 11,000 square foot facility will feature a hybrid and ecofriendly cars. the civic and crz, the honda of oakland show room will be opened today. auto dealerships are one of oakland's top sales tax producers. in other news, court proceedings could come to a stop for the convicted rapist accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard. if the judge ordered a mental evaluation of phillip garrido. the sacramento bee argues he could argue he is not mentally capable of standing trial. me and his wife nancy are accused of holding jaycee captive in their back yard. they have been in jail for more than a year. a trial date for the man accused of ordering the killing of chauncy baily and two other men. an alameda county superior court judge ordered yus of bay the fourth to stand trial november 8th. the trial had been delayed several times and is expected to take quite sometime. jury selection won't begin until after the first of the year. he is accused of ordering the shooting of bail
weather in the marine layer approaching oakland later on this morning. right now it's 62 degrees and the wind is starting to come in off the water. out towards the trivalley, we are starting off warm. mid 60s and we are waiting for the sea breeze. it's already going into the delta. a clear sign of a cooling trend that started late yesterday. you will notice it more in the afternoon. air quality is fine when the map turns green. we have a healthy sea breeze for the afternoon and temperatures are dropping off from the last couple of days. high temperatures around livermore and upper 80s. dublin is 84. not too bad as we take you into the inner portion of the east bay. richmond should be in the 70s and further inland out towards the high valley. mid- to upper 80s and the trend will be cooler wrapping up the workweek and warmer towards next week. back to you. >> let's go to mike inouye and you will have slow downs to the north. >> heading north on the eastbound 80 towards solano and sonoma county. both of the bridges reporting smoothly. we will show you what the exclamation means. hea
healthcare legislation went into effect this week. and on thursday nine candidates for mayor of oakland debated a range of difficult issues facing that cash-strapped city. range of difficult issues facing that cash-strapped city. we'll have those stories next. captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund ♪ >> belva: good evening, and welcome to "this week in northern california." i'm belva davis. joining me tonight on our news panel are aimee allison, host and publisher of she was at the mayoral debate. and victoria colliver, health reporter for the "san francisco chronicle," on the new healthcare legislation. craig miller from kqed's climate watch, to discuss proposition 23 on the november ballot. and we begin with carolyn said, business writer, also with the "chronicle." carolyn, we're in the worst depression that we've seen in many, many years, and jobs are at the top of everybody's concern. and there were some polls out about california and unemployment this week that had some surprising results. >> right. not so much polls but studies. >> belva: studies. i
>>> would cameras make you feel more comfortable during a traffic stop? the oakland police department is looking at getting cameras on their uniforms. i'm christie smith. we'll have that story straight ahead. >>> and today is the first full day of freedom in more than a year for berkeley hiker sarah shourd. what's next for her two friends left behind. it's wednesday, september 15th, "today in the bay." >>> good morning, everyone. it's 4:30. let's get started with a look at the forecast from meteorologist rob mayeta. >> 52 degrees in oakland right now, 58, northwest wind at 10. we're going to see big changes coming up the next few days. not so much today, just high clouds, but big changes showing up in your seven-day forecast. your east bay forecast, dublin 78 degrees, richmond 70. as we head into contra costa county, 80s around concord and san ramon. pittsburg 82 degrees. here the changes in your seven-day forecast. keep the umbrella on stand by for the north bay on friday and for the rest of the bay area, believe it or not, saturday into sunday. but the story of the mornin
. be patient. >> it's cool to look at. making oakland neighborhoods safer. there is a push to get more police officers and neighborhood patrols on oakland city streets. kristi smith is live in oakland with a plan on how will it affect neighborhoods. kristi? >> this will put 63 beat officers back on the streets of oakland. essentially restoring most of the position that is the council had to cut a couple of months ago to try and balance the budget. it's called measure bb. voters will find it on the november ballot. i was looking at how the registrar of voters describes it and it comes at no additional cost to voters and it amens measure y and suspends the requirement that a certain amount of funding go to staff and levels from way back in 2003. this lowers the threshold of officers required to move forward here in oakland. voters have to decide whether they want to tinker with a measure they passed back in 2004. with those cut that is the council it h to make calls for service for reprioritizing and many were worried they may not get enough help from the police department. the councilmember wh
. for the second time in weeks, an oakland city council member is the victim of a crime. >>> plus, the investigation tonight after police discover bomb-making materials at a home in danville. >>> and the success of your children is priceless, but would you actually pay them to do well in school? the results of a school where kids earn up to $100 for good grades. the news starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. crime of course is one of the biggest issues facing oakland, and it's a main issue in the race for mayor. but politics became personal this weekend when someone robbed oakland's vice mayor jean quan. and she is not the only candidate who has been the victim of a crime on the streets of oakland recently. nbc bay area's monty francis is in oakland with more on that. monty? >> reporter: you might remember that another candidate for mayor, don per rad doe was carjacked in oakland while jean quan was walking into a safeway store last night when she was robbed. as jean quan walked into this safeway on fruitvale avenue at about 9:30 saturday night, she says a man came
for women, jogging around the lake merritt area of oakland after two women are attacked. >>> pg&e releases the list of those high risk pipelines. what you have to do to find out if live near one. good morning, it's tuesday, september 21. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning. time now, 6:00. out the door a look at traffic and weather. gianna has been following a deadly crash in san jose. gianna? >> it's going to caught delays through the san jose area. it happened early this morning. almaden expressway now shut down between harry and o'grady. this will be the case as they conduct the investigation. one person died at the scene, a second person taken to the hospital. police are on scene in the area. at one point the vehicle hit a pole possibly a tree as well and then caught on fire so expect this to last quite some time. almaden expressway closed between harry and o'grady. we'll have deails as they come in. that's a check of your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >>> hey, thanks, gianna. another nice day shaping up. it is the last full day of summer. i keep saying
jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> plans for bart connector to the oakland airport has cleared one more hurdle the metropolitan transportation commission voted today to approve $20 million in state funding for the project. the 3.2 mi. long elevated tramway between the oakland coliseum and the oakland airport is expected to cost $484 million. if the project faces another vote by the california transportation this month if they approve the project work on the connector could begin in six months and take about four years to complete. muni service restoration stand for now a state agency has rejected that bid by muni, to halt. the union had made the request in conjunction with an on their practices allegation against muni. the service changes were. the hundreds of gallons of oil that leaked into the petaluma river on monday had the most the clean up now. the state department official game says it's now picking up most of the booms that you see being put down in this video which was shot on the day. they've also reopen the area to fishing but still more work to do. marin kelly shows us what is bein
. >>> in oakland, a $15,000 reward is being offered to help solve a fatal drive-by shooting. police say two victims were driving near international and someone pulled up next to them and fired into their voc. carter was taken to the hospital, where she died and the 19-year-old was injured. police have no released any information about the gunmen. >>> an early manager crash in oakland left an unusual sign. this car was left overturned for several hours this moing. at 73rd and macarthur boulevard. oakland police steltelektvu news the driver was going too fast down a hill and lost control. the car flipped over and landed on its roof, injuring two people inside. both were taken to the hospital and we don't know the extent of their injuries. there is no word on whether drugs or alcohol was involved or if that driver will face any charges. >>> craigslist has been competenceored and its the site itself doing the censoring. this bar has replaced the adult services section. they say the section promotes prostitution and the move comes just two weeks after 17 state attorney generals demanded it. today penins
is facing charges for allegedly shooting officer young in oakland during an arrest attempt. the suspected gang member is charged with ten felonies, including attempted murder and car-jacking. we were there today when barrientos entered the courtroom. >> reporter: the man used of shooting freemont police officer todd young entered the courtroom, it was filled with these freemont police officers, 70 of freemont's 180 police officers came to show their support. barrientos was wearing a red jump suite, hands shackled at the waist, and he tried to make eye contact with three family members, but it had to be difficult to see them in the police officers. barrientos spoke briefly with his attorney, who had this to say about the case. >> i will say that our deepest best wishes go out to officer young and his family during this recovery. whether this turns out to be an intentional shooting of a police officer or a tragic misunderstanding on the streets of oakland remains to be seen. >> reporter: freemont police chief says his cops do not believe there's any misunderstanding in this case. >> the sus
, opportunity in the cities and peace in our streets. they are the folks at the ella baker center in oakland, a human rights agency now 14 years old and dedicated to making changes somewhat deem impossible. but she has a program that goes for ten months, heel the streets. it is kind of a fellowship. >> yes. >> it is a ten month program. we pay young people to be trained as advocates for the policies in the cities of oakland. >> let's talk about oakland. there are challenges there clearly. we hear a lot of bad news coming out of oakland. it is violent. we worry about citizens, kids. what makes you think this program is going to fix things? >> oakland is like many urban communities in the united states and a lot of times it is young people of color who are the victims of violence but there are also the ones perpetrating the violence due to the systemic causes. those things are the reasons why we feel if we can address them with the young people and get them to speak on those issues and speak about their experience, they will be able to sway policy and the ideas for people affecting their life
spree that wounded four people in oakland. >>> the new face of numi. unded 4 people last night in oakland. ,, introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. oakland. the shootings took place in a popular restau >>> gunfire wounded four people last night in oakland. the shootings took place in a popular restaurant district along oakland's embarcadero east. they found four people injured and they were hospitalized. none of the injuries are life threatening. police have not arrested anyone. >>> petaluma police are looking for the people that shot a man in the chest last night. it happened on a street in the petaluma knew municipal airport. witnesses at the scene say they saw several suspects running away. police searched the area using dogs but were unable to find them. >>> san jose police say the city is putting residents in danger by eliminating the department's gang and violent crime unit. they held a
on, including more information about pg&e's response since the fire. >>> tonight, one of oakland's largest employers has a plan to move hundreds of jobs out of the city and into suburbs. clorox says they will move 500 workers to their pleasanton location by the end of next year. ken pritchett is live at clorox headquarters in downtown oakland with the reason for the move. ken? >> reporter: well, frank, the clorox company says it is not going anywhere. its corporate headquarters will remain right here in this building in downtown low oakland -- downtown oakland. but the impact it will have worries some businesses. >> clorox has been here for a long time and they are the majority of my customers. >> reporter: this man owns the fountain cafe, just a few dozen yards from the clorox building. >> we'll definitely feel the void of 500 people. >> obviously, disappointment any time there is a move to take that number of employees from the city, it's disappointing. >> reporter: this man says it's too early to know the economic impact of clorox's move. the man who owns the restaurant has re
. >> reporter: they also decided to postpone its decision till the next meeting. in oakland, reggie, kron 4 news. >>> a new gas line scare puts a neighborhood on edge. this was the scene after a gas line was broken by a construction crew. happened just before 6:00. they closed off 10 blocks. pg&e crews were able to cap the gas line quickly. no one was ever in any danger. >>> there are new details in a deadly san bruno gas line explosion. today the corners office convictimmed the death of three members of the bullet family that had been missing. they wereioid threw dna testing. that explosion blew an september 9th. these are pictures from that evening. the fire destroyed 34 homes beyond repair. it left a trail of destruction. tomorrow crews will begin the clean up. kron 4's christine has details on what that task will include. >> reporter: here you can see some of the heavy equipment as they get ready to move debris on thursday. they will take away some of the burnett out cars. they will focus on one property at a time. it's hard to tell where the properties are, which is why crews put up green s
to you the oakland airport. you don't want to miss your flight or be caught up in this unnecessarily. so just be aware of that. it's not moving freely now. >>> let's move on to the toll plaza. hasn't become full strength. it's a pretty decent commute, getting into san francisco so far. >>> and this morning, we have video of a crash, this truck that came off the off-ramp at 3:00 this morning, didn't negotiate the upon turn. flipped over and spilled sod all over the place, you can see. the truck was righted. and they towed it away a little while ago. they are still making cleanup. they're making progress, but it was a big mess, as you can see from the earlier pictures. that ramp they tell us, the columbus parkway off-ramp should be affected. 7:10. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. oh, my gosh. everything is bright. look at this. put your shades on. convertible time. get that boat fired up. it's looking like a sunny and warm day. weekend and early next week as well. not a cloud in the sky. a little fog. looks like it's trying to go down the coast. very shallow. looks like it's touching
. >> un grupo por derecho en oakland encontró un estudio que muchas familias están por perder sus casas. >> el estress nos estaba matando. >> aquí empezaron los problemas de su embargo el estudio dice que este caso e es muy común en oakland afectando a una de cada 4 familia , un 40% de inquilinos. >> los inquilinos no saben a donde ir y nadie toma la responsabilidad. >> son los últimos en esnterarse que el dueño de la vivienda tiene prons . >> me enfermñ de los riñones por este problema . >> el banco le quiere cortar todos los suministrosç y solo en oakland en los últimos años muchas familias sufren de este problema . >> y el esposo de una mujer que murió asesinada comparecerá mañana , charles r fue arrestado cuando volvía del trabajo y tambiñn poseía explosivos en la vivienda, tambiñn hay otra mujer desaparecida . >> en san diego un pandillero fue detenido, andrew barriento enfrenta 10 acusaciones graves, podrñia pasar el resto de su vida en la carcel cárcel. >> el jairo jefe de la policía de oakland antony b dice que en verano crecen los delitos y el consejo de san
is running for governor. immediately after that event, jerry brown headed to oakland for another rally. in the race for governor, jerry brown now started to answer the campaign of his rival meg whitman. >> he cut waste, budgets were balanced, 4 billion in tax cuts. [ñindiscernibleñ] i am jerry brown, california needs major changes. we have to live within our means, return decision making to the local level and no new taxes without voter approval. >> jerry brown, thenology and know how. whitman responded by calling a misleading renovation of brown's record. president obama used today to push for the creation of new american jobs. he acknowledges the private sector job growth is too modest to bring down the unemployment rate. >> reporter: the resident took the podium in milwaukee. after the passage of the recovery affect nomarch of last year the job's picture steadily improved. since then it has been limping along, raising fears of a double dip recession next year. >> that's why i am announcing a new plan for rebuilding america's roads and rails and run ways for the long term. i want a
of the ntsb, get some answers coming up in just a minute. >> also if you are approached by an oakland police officer, you may be on camera. i'm theresa garcia live in oakland. that's because of hundreds of new wearable video cameras. but there are concerns over privacy. >> if your commute takes you around the bay in some of the higher elevations, watch out for drizzle. also flight arrival delays into sfo. >> you'll find that drizzle driving into san francisco but won't find delays at this point with a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of the road work has cleared through hayward but i'll have more details on other areas where you can find some road work. >> good wednesday morning. it's 5 a.m.. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. governor schwarzenegger will visit the san bruno fire site today direct from his asia trade mission. meantime e-mails received by federal investigators seem to offer no definitive evidence of neighbors smelling gas before the explosion. terry joins us live from san bruno. >> the ntsb investigators are the ones who are going to f
. >>> meg whitman is moving into jerry brown territory right into the heart of oakland. and tonight she is making her presence very well known. robert liles shows us how. robert? >> reporter: dana, consider this. oakland vote ersie elected jerry brown mayor twice, in fact this city is largely made up of registered democratic voters, but behind me is not an office for a democratic gubinatorial candidate, instead it's the republican candidate. so does all of this prime leased space mean that meg whitman is offering up a window into a winning campaign or into a political blunder? meg whitman's campaign says the gubinatorial hopeful opened this satellite campaign office at lake shore and 580 in mid- july for one reason. >> we believe the election will be very close so we need to fight inform every vote, every vote in oakland, every vote in san francisco, every vote in san jose, every vote in the bay area, every vote across the state. >> reporter: when cbs cameras arrived early this evening it was easy to see directly into the front windows of meg 2010, but after we informed her campaign of
to the desk. >>> we begin our 6:00 hour with overnight news from oakland. the investigation is now underway into an early morning apartment house fire. it started shortly before 3:00 a.m. on 60th street near martin luther king, jr. boulevard. no one was hurt but the flames caused substantial damage to the building. arson investigators say they have evidence indicating that the fire was intentionally set. and firefighters also say there was an accidental kitchen fire at the same building early yesterday afternoon. ktvu will have more on the story coming up at 6:30. >>> time now 6:01. this morning a 7-year-old antioch girl is in critical condition after she was hit by a car when she ran into the street chasing a toy. police say around 6:40 yesterday evening the little girl darted into west sixth street near c street right into the path of an oncoming car. the driver tried to stop and swerved but hit the girl and knocked her to the ground. the little girl was flown to uc davis medical center. >>> a woman is in the hospital after being shot as she opened her front door. but investigators say sh
oakland. it listed a look at what were seeing now. 89 degrees there now it's indicative of what to come will see major changes out there tomorrow. 100 degrees in santa rosa all of our inland spots are top of the triple digits 101 is a fairfield, one of two in antioch same thing in concord f, one of the four livermore and pretty hot through the rest of the bay. 87 and san francisco and cluster the coastline 66 and have one day the sea breeze winds to return over night and that will change or whether picture. over night tonight we'll see clear mild conditions until about midnight when the fog pushes on the coastline. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow we'll fog at the close temperatures will be on the mod side but as the head into the afternoon pastors will start to " dramatically 5 to 15 degrees cooler than what were seeing out there today. our inland spots on the hot side and cooling trend continuing through the week. >> another day of soaring temperatures around the bay your jacqueline talk about that as the sea wave continues. marin kelly went to livermore with the national weather service is forecas
to higher 90s. sunny at the ocean beaches, the 70s. >> right now the mid to higher 50s, 56 in oakland, 58 in san jose. not much of a difference from yesterday except to the north bay where things are warmer. as the morning goes on, it will be a good one. the winds are to the very much at all. nothing to speak of. and things will be warming up quite nicely today because there are no clouds along the coast and not much of a sea breeze either. things will be different for tomorrow. back to you. >> thanks. this morning police and volunteers will continue their tedious search through a landfill looking for the body of a man, he could be the fifth victim in a killing spree last week. christie smith is live in pittsburg where crews will be back at work later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's a one-acre area inside this pittsburg landfill that police and volunteers have been searching through. this is searching by hand through tons of trash, so far they found nothing to confirm that the body of frederick sales is even there. but the 35-year-old nursing assistant could
change. no delays at the bridge toll plaza. >> and in oakland, freeway exit turns into a wrecking yard after a dump truck comes speeding out of control. 13 cars were damaged and five people hurt. >> hopefully a better morning. 5:00. thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. president obama is calling on a florida minister to call off his plan to burn copies of the karan on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. in an exclusive interview airing later this morning on "good morning america," the president calls a recruitment bonanza for al-queda. the state department is ordering u.s. embassies to assess security in case of anti-american violence and a muslim leader is offering to diffuse the situation. >> i said i'll stand with you. i will talk. i will defend you as my neighbor. >> we are not convinced that backing down is right thing. >> imagine a pastor so egotistical he would sacrifice the lives of initialnaries and soldiers to go forward. >> officials urge reverend terry jones to cancel the karan burning. welcome news to many local muslim leader
about 8 degrees below seasonal average, 68 in oakland that's about five degrees below. pretty much everybody below where they should be. 54 in san francisco clear skies making for a cooler temperatures. 48 in napa, down in the south bay mountain view and in the mid '50s. could stay in the '50s in some spots along the coast. mostly seen '60s out there by about noontime warming it up into the '70s and then staying in the '70s and sit c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4senf high spirit cooling it down to '60s by 8:00 hour. north bay we should stay in the '70s for the most part maybe not even getting out of the 60s and san rafael, novato in mill valley. 71 through the late helen the peninsula keeping temperatures in the '60s, down into redwood city and palo alto low '70s but keeping it in the '60s for these bay. 65 through fremont, the warm spots today on the upper '70's so 78 in india up one of the warmer places 77 for danville. south bay in the '70s as well 73 for san jose. the weekend forecast looks much warmer. it will only last a couple of days and cool down for next week. >> it's been a prett
of his youngest son tonight after the high school student was gunned down on an oakland street corner. the 17-year-old victim had hoped to go to college, having just transferred to a school that specializes in health and science. ktvu's amber lee is live now in oakland with our report. amber? >> julie, students and staff here at the school have lost a promising teenager. today they sent a letter out to parents letting us know what happened. tonight a father tells us his anyone is in describable. family and friends of 17-year- old raymond justice gathered for a quiet vigil in front of his home. he raised raymond as a single father. after seeing combat in vietnam, he never thought he would experience the horror of trying to save his own son on the streets of oakland. >> this is blood right here. i said that with the police, give him mouth to mouth resuscitation and his last breath came and i knew he was dead. >> reporter: last night around 6:30 he told his neighbors raymond ran to his home after he was shot at a nearby bus station. there was an altercation before the shooting. >> she wa
student was gunned down on an oakland street corner. the 17-year-old victim had hoped to go to college, having just transferred to a school that specializes in health and science. ktvu's amber lee is live now in oakland with our report. amber? >> julie, students and staff here at the school have lost a promising teenager. today they sent a letter out to parents letting us know what happened. tonight a father tells us his anyone is in describable. family and friends of 17-year- old raymond justice gathered for a quiet vigil in front of his home. he raised raymond as a single father. after seeing combat in vietnam, he never thought he would experience the horror of trying to save his own son on the streets of oakland. >> this is blood right here. i said that with the police, give him mouth to mouth resuscitation and his last breath came and i knew he was dead. >> reporter: last night around 6:30 he told his neighbors raymond ran to his home after he was shot at a nearby bus station. there was an altercation before the shooting. >> she was working with him on some of his homework and he w
by 60 degrees and 56 degrees and oakland, it is one of the upper 60s in monday and into san roseanne as we work our way into the afternoon we should be getting up into the low 90s in some of these north base paths to santa rosa, of vallejo are getting into the upper 80s. it is good to be 86 in redwood city, 85 and the word and some of those twin locations like they're mocked and livermore. antioch's will be into the '90s and we are keeping into the 90s in the south bay. it is not quite as one, we're still in record-breaking territory for today, we're going to cool down for the rest of the work day and into the weekend. mark? >> a federal judge is now blocking the execution of a convicted rapist and murderer. he is expected to be put to death tomorrow but the judge suspended the execution until he reviews the new execution policy. policy says he cannot do that in the allotted time. he also says the state knew but never disclosed to the court that the last few doses of the drug use in the execution will be expiring on friday and a nationwide supply it will not allow them to get more un
maestros parecen no conmover a las autoridades educativas y maÑana decenas de niÑos de oakland se quedaran sin el centro de cuidado a donde acudian despues de clases. --flavio lacayo tiene los detalles. los padres y maestros han hecho todo lo posible para que estos centros no cierren... sin embargo, el distrito escolar dice no tener los fondos suficientes para mantener estos programas abiertos. estos centros de cuidado c infantil proveen educacion gratuita y cuidado de niÑos despues de escuela, sin embargo, el distrito escolar de oakland dice que el estado recorto 110-millones de dolares del presupuesto para estos programas en oakland y esto dificulta mantener todos los siete centros abiertos. --en oakland, cientos alumnos de sexto grado deberan pasar mas horas en la trata de los estudiantes de "united for success academy" y la preparatoria comunitaria "elmhurst".--ahi el horario de clases sera de 8 de la maÑana a 5 de la tarde, es decir tres horas mas que en las otras escuelas del distrito de oakland.--estos centros escolares se encuentran entre los de menor rendimiento acade
alarma. ---donde la fuga si fue una realidad, fue en oakland.--ahi un trabajador de una compaÑia de cable rompio una tuberia de gas provocando la evacuacion de varias viviendas en oakland. --el incidente ocurrio frente al numero 90 de la avenida "athol".--el tubo fracturado era de 3-pulgadas de diametro. --la policia cerro el acceso a la zona y unos 30 residentes del edificio "lakeview court" se quedaron sin suminstro de gas temporalmente.---a eso de las 4:45 de la tarde los vecinos pudieron volver a sus casas.---nadie resulto herido en este incidente. volviendo a san bruno. la explosion de hace una semana parece tener muy nerviosos a los vecinos.--hoy una escuela ubicada muy cerca del lugar del desastre, tuvo que ser evacuada luego de que se reportara un intenso olor a gas. ---"beatriz ferrari" nos dice como termino la historia. u+42aa --muy pronto los movimientos de los policias de "oakland" podrian empezar a estar muy vigilados.--ylas autoridades locales quieren instalar camaras de video, como las de los celulares, en los uniformes de los agentes del orden.--el proximo martes, el conc
degrees, oakland 67. savor hayward. 7 is this morning in to fremont. by about 10:00 hour we were not funny '70's. maybe a few days. by noon time all this red shows as we'll be working your way into the '90s. even as early as noon time. europeanize topping and in the '90s but also the triple digits as run by this purple on your screen. it cockling a gun down. keeping the '80s. a pretty warm day all- around even to the evening. 99 sonoma, low 90s and general of. mill valley. along the peninsula 86 degrees. certainly beats stay with temperatures topping and in the upper 70's and 80's. 94 and san mateo, upper 90s to call of the. upraise for berkeley, oakland, and in spots san ramon is area's temperature is warm is 11. same for livermore hundred degrees in hand dunces of bay temperatures topping and in the upper 90s from triple digits. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., cooler temperatures the state towards the weekend will allow significantly by your sunday this year later they will be much different bringing his 80s inland, seventies around the bay and '60s to the toes. >> it is ho
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